Business Summary

Greatly Hi Tech EcoPark Sdn Bhd

Greatly Hi Tech EcoPark Sdn Bhd ( GHTEP) is a Sabah Bumiputra private company that is driven to move Sabah as an agricultural hub for the region and also the major food producer in the near future . In order to do this, we at GHETP will combine with multiple resources of expertise to ensure the viability and success of this agricultural venture for Sabah and it’s people.

Our main mission is to empower the Sabah State with sufficient funds , expertise , knowledge and connections to produce, manufacture, market & sale and distribute raw produces and finished products to the local and international market.

With the support from the Sabah State Government especially Kementerian Pertanian dan Industri Makanan and other departments , we are confident of achieving our goals .


GHETP will be concentrating in areas such as

i. Building an Integrated Agricultural Ecopark in Bongawan

ii. Cultivation of our main corp that is Sacha Inchi , a superfood for export and local market


We have allocated 300 acres of land as the integrated Agriculture development area that will house

a. Main administration building

b. Multiple research lab for tissue culture/vegetables/fruits/flowers/herbs aquaculture

c. Greenhouse plots for vegetables/fruits/flowers/herbs

d. Produce collection centre/cleaning and packing facility including warehousing and cold storage

e. Factories for manufacturing and processing of agricultural products

f. Training centres inclusive of actual cultivation training using latest greenhouse technology

g. Housing for the trainees and staffs will be built including recreational facility


Certified Products

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We deal with various quality organic products!

  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Beauty products
  • Organic honey
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